Upcoming Litters


All Tampa Bay Australian Labradoodles Breeding dogs are thoroughly health tested for the best confirmation, hips and elbows, eye certification  (CERF), micro-chipped, thyroid, cardiac, PRCD (PRA) before being bred. We want to ensure the integrity of this new breed by going above and beyond the normal health testing requirements. Through strict superior breeding practices Tampa Bay offers you the best possible puppy/dog for your family and for the life of your dog...

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Even if is says our litters are booked, Our girls may have more puppies than we expect or someone may move from one litter to another or completely back out. When this happens we simply go down our reserve list of Deposits and see who is interested in that available litter.

Tampa Bay’s Liberty

aka: Libby





Tampa Bay’s Bella

50 to 60 lbs

Chocolates only.

Sweet Chicago’s Inspiration Maya of Tampa Bay and Lucky Country Australian Labradoodles.


50 to 65 lbs

Chocolates & Cream/Caramels



Tampa Bay’s Field of Dreams aka:  Dinger

Tampa Bay’s Dreaming of a Jaguar of Lakewood; aka: Jag

40 to 50 lbs

Chocolates, Chocolate Parti

Tampa Bay’s Dreaming of a Jaguar of Lakewood; aka: Jag

Big Rocks Elliott of Tampa Bay

25 to 30lbs

Red, Apricot, & Caramels



Tampa Bay’s Tulip

aka: Tulip

Ladd Hills mighty Warrior

aka: Sampson



Gooseberry’s Madaline; Maddie of Tampa Bay

aka: Maddie

Tampa Bay’s Dreaming of a Jaguar of Lakewood Labradoodles

aka: Jag

Tampa Bays Miss America

aka: Tegan

Tampa Bays Storm

Big Rocks Elliott of Tampa Bay

aka: Elliott

Gooseberry’s Bentley of Tampa Bay

aka: Benny





45 to 55lbs

Chocolates only!

30 to 40lbs

Chocolates & Blacks only!

45 to 55lbs

Caramel, Apricots & Reds



Tampa Bay’s Paisley

Gooseberry’s Rudy

20 to 25lbs

Chocolates & Chocolate parti