Upcoming Litters

We are not posting any updates with pictures on our Upcoming Litters page at this time because all of our current litters are booked. As we have more litters in the future with availability, we will start up the Upcoming Litters page again. If we have any puppies that become available from any of our current or upcoming litters, we will go down our waitlist of customers that we have deposits for already to find homes for these puppies. Otherwise; at this time, we are currently booked for the next 8 to 12 months. The sooner we receive your deposit, the sooner you will get a puppy. Text us your email address or simply email us and request a Puppy Adoption Form to get the process started. 

We receive many phone calls,  Text messages and emails every day, so if we do not respond to you within 24 hrs; please text; call, email or call again.  We are very busy raising your puppies to be the best puppies ever. Please be patient and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Even if it says our litters are booked, our girls may have more puppies than we expect or someone may move from one litter to another or completely back out. When this happens, we simply go down our reserve list of deposits and see who is interested in that available puppy.

Sweet Chicago’s Inspiration Maya of Tampa Bay and Lucky Country Australian Labradoodles.