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All Tampa Bay Australian labradoodles, LLC breeding dogs are thoroughly health tested for: Hips, Elbows, Eye Certification (CERF), Cardiac, Patella, IC, DM, EIC, HNP, PRA; Cone Rod Dystrophy 4, PRA/PRCD, Retinal Dysplasia/Oculoskeletal  Dysplasia 1, VWD

We want to ensure that the best confirmation and health are ensured with all of our breeding dogs to maintain the integrity of the Australian Labradoodle bloodlines.

Through strict superior breeding practices Tampa Bay offers you the best possible puppy/dog for your family and for the life of your dog.

Call name: Billy


Size: Mini

Sire: Primetime Mystical Redd River

Dam: Rivermist Cayenne

Registered Name: Gooseberrys Buffalo Bill

ALCA #216-10122017-100-D


Dark Chocolate Tux.

Size: Standard

Sire: Big Rocks Elliott

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Daisy Mae

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Teddy

ALCA # C042-10122018-103-LB1


Call name: Teddy

Registered Name: Lucky Country’s Dexter of Tampa Bay.

ALCA # 168-03082018-007-LD1


Call name: Dexter

Dark Chocolate

Size: Standard

Sire: Southern Charm’s Captain America

aka: Rudy

Dam: Lucky Country’s Royal Charlotte

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Marley

ALCA # CO42-07142017-081-LD1


Lives in a guardian home


Call name: Marley


Size: medium

Sire: Ocean States Tug at my Heart Strings

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Lilly

Call name: Rudy

Registered Name: Rivermist Reval of Snug Harbor/Gooseberry.

ALCA # 216-06102015-028-D


Lives in a guardian home


Chocolate Parti

Size: Mini



Registered Name: Big Rocks Elliott

ALCA # CO42-06122017-098-D


Call name: Elliott

Lives in a guardian home



Size: Large Medium size

Sire: Ashford Manor Patch (King Louie)

Dam: Big Rocks Coco Chanel

Registered Name: Prize Labradoodles Bentley

ALCA # 216-05242012-015-D

Call name: Benny

Lives in a guardian home



Size: Medium size

Sire: Yankee Doodles Carmello

Dam: Prize Labradoodles Indiana

Registered Name: Southern Charm’s

Captain America of Tampa Bay

ALCA # C042-10122013-041-D

Call name: Rudy

Lives in a guardian home

Dark Chocolate Parti factor

Size: Small Standard

Sire: Southern Charm’s Heroic Champion

Dam: Willow Oaks Coco Chanel

PROVEN Stud boy



Parti: Chocolate & White

Size: Small Medium

Sire: Country Rocket Man

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Little Touch of Heaven

Height 18”; 28 lbs.

Lives in a guardian home

Registered Name:

Tampa Bay’s Latté Macchiato

ALAA #Previously Registered

ALCA # C042-07082011-022-LD1

Call name: Hershey

Available for Stud Service

Lives in a guardian home

Registered Name:

Desert Wind’s Bailey’s Irish Cream

ALCA # 165-01062013-001-LD1

Call name: Bailey

Parti factor: Dark Caramel

Size: Medium

Sire: Highlands Mighty Quinn

Dam: Rivermist Jackies’ Brooke

Height: 19” ; 33 lbs

Tampa Bay’s Tebow is NOW owned by Southern Cross Labradoodles......

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Tebow

ALAA #020538

ALCA # C042-06292010-017-LD5

Call name: Tebow

DARK Chocolate, red highlights

Size: Standard

Sire: Snug Harbors Kiefer

Dam: Chicago’s Inspiration aka “Maya”

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Registered Name: Dogwoods Finn of Gooseberry

ALCA #133-08282009-005-LD1

Call name: Finn

Lives in Guardian home



Size: Medium size

Sire: GorgeousDoodles Edleson Tennison

Dam: Prime Times GorgeousDoodles Goldie Willow

Lives in Guardian home; RETIRED

Registered Name: Gooseberry’s Remy

ALCA #216-04092016-019-LD1

Call name: Remy


Size: Small Standard

Sire: Manor Lake Coho Trout

Dam: Gooseberry Pumpkin Belle

Residing at Gooseberry Labradoodles.

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Boy Wonder

ALCA #CO42-05292015-052-LD1


Size: Medium;

Sire: Tampa Bay’s Major Spark

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Carly

Call name: Hunter

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s I.C. Spots

ALCA #C042-03212015-048-LD1

Call name: Jake

Lives in Guardian home; RETIRED

Chocolate Parti

Size: Medium; 18inch; 27 lbs.

Sire: Tampa Bay’s Latte Macchiato

Dam: Manor Lakes Ghirardella

Lives in a guardian home

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Bentley

ALCA # CO42-01102016-047-LD2

Call name: Bentley

Caramel/White Parti factor

Size: Large Medium size

Sire: Desert Wind’s Bailey’s Irish Cream

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Selah

Lives in a guardian home

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Major Spark

ALAA #020570 Previously Registered

ALCA # C042-06222010-019-LD1

Call name: Sparky

Available for Stud Service

Dark Red

Size: Small Medium

Sire: Aussie’s MacGuffy Rudigan (Rudy)

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Lucky Penny “Hope”

Height 17”; 28 lbs.


Size: Small Medium

Sire: Southern Cross Blue Bayou

Dam: Southern Cross Maxie

Height 21”; 39 lbs.

Registered Name: Southern Cross Milo

ALCA # C042-12162012-034-D

Call name: Milo

Lives in a guardian home