Our Stud Boys Page 2

Call name: Billy


Size: Mini

Sire: Primetime Mystical Redd River

Dam: Rivermist Cayenne

Registered Name: Gooseberrys Buffalo Bill

ALCA #216-10122017-100-D

Dark Chocolate Tux.

Size: Standard

Sire: Big Rocks Elliott

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Daisy Mae

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Teddy

ALCA # C042-10122018-103-LB1

Call name: Teddy

Registered Name: Lucky Country’s Dexter of Tampa Bay.

ALCA # 168-03082018-007-LD1

Call name: Dexter

Dark Chocolate

Size: Standard

Sire: Southern Charm’s Captain America

aka: Rudy

Dam: Lucky Country’s Royal Charlotte

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Marley

ALCA # CO42-07142017-081-LD1

Call name: Marley


Size: medium

Sire: Ocean States Tug at my Heart Strings

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Lilly

Registered Name: Rivermist Reval of Snug Harbor/Gooseberry.

ALCA # 216-06102015-028-D

Call name: Rudy

Chocolate Parti

Size: Mini



Registered Name: Big Rocks Elliott

ALCA # CO42-06122017-098-D

Call name: Elliott

Lives in a guardian home


Size: Large Medium size

Sire: Ashford Manor Patch (King Louie)

Dam: Big Rocks Coco Chanel

Registered Name: Prize Labradoodles Bentley

ALCA # 216-05242012-015-D

Call name: Benny

Lives in a guardian home


Size: Medium size

Sire: Yankee Doodles Carmello

Dam: Prize Labradoodles Indiana

Lives in Guardian home

Registered Name: Dogwoods Finn of Gooseberry

ALCA #133-08282009-005-LD1

Call name: Finn


Size: Medium size

Sire: GorgeousDoodles Edleson Tennison

Dam: Prime Times GorgeousDoodles Goldie Willow


Size: Small Standard

Sire: Manor Lake Coho Trout

Dam: Gooseberry Pumpkin Belle

Registered Name: Gooseberry’s Remy

ALCA #216-04092016-019-LD1

Call name: Remy

Lives in Guardian home

Lives in Guardian home

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Boy Wonder

ALCA #CO42-05292015-052-LD1


Size: Medium;

Sire: Tampa Bay’s Major Spark

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Carly

Call name: Hunter

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s I.C. Spots

ALCA #C042-03212015-048-LD1

Call name: Jake

Lives in Guardian home

Chocolate Parti

Size: Medium; 18inch; 27 lbs.

Sire: Tampa Bay’s Latte Macchiato

Dam: Manor Lakes Ghirardella

Lives in a guardian home

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Bentley

ALCA # CO42-01102016-047-LD2

Call name: Bentley

Caramel/White Parti factor

Size: Large Medium size

Sire: Desert Wind’s Bailey’s Irish Cream

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Selah

Registered Name: Southern Charm’s

Captain America of Tampa Bay

ALCA # C042-10122013-041-D

Call name: Rudy

Lives in a guardian home

Dark Chocolate Parti factor

Size: Small Standard

Sire: Southern Charm’s Heroic Champion

Dam: Willow Oaks Coco Chanel

PROVEN Stud boy



Lives in a guardian home

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Major Spark

ALAA #020570 Previously Registered

ALCA # C042-06222010-019-LD1

Call name: Sparky

Available for Stud Service

Dark Red

Size: Small Medium

Sire: Aussie’s MacGuffy Rudigan (Rudy)

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Lucky Penny “Hope”

Height 17”; 28 lbs.

Parti: Chocolate & White

Size: Small Medium

Sire: Country Rocket Man

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Little Touch of Heaven

Height 18”; 28 lbs.

Lives in a guardian home

Registered Name:

Tampa Bay’s Latté Macchiato

ALAA #Previously Registered

ALCA # C042-07082011-022-LD1

Call name: Hershey

Available for Stud Service

Lives in a guardian home

Registered Name: Southern Cross Milo

ALCA # C042-12162012-034-D

Call name: Milo