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All Tampa Bay Australian labradoodles, LLC breeding dogs are thoroughly health tested for: Hips, Elbows, Eye Certification (CERF), Cardiac, Patella, IC, DM, EIC, HNP, PRA; Cone Rod Dystrophy 4, PRA/PRCD, Retinal Dysplasia/Oculoskeletal  Dysplasia 1, VWD

We want to ensure that the best confirmation and health are ensured with all of our breeding dogs to maintain the integrity of the Australian Labradoodle bloodlines.

Through strict superior breeding practices Tampa Bay offers you the best possible puppy/dog for your family and for the life of your dog. 

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Quinn

ALCA # CO42-Pending

call name: Quinn

Color: Caramel

Size: Small Medium

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Ruby    


Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Luna De Bella

ALCA # CO42-Pending

call name: Luna

Color: Chocolate

Size: Small Standard

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Bella

Sire: Big Rocks Elliottaaaaa

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Lucy

ALCA # CO42-Pending

call name: Lucy

Color: Chocolate 

Size: Large Medium

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Presley

Sire: Lucky Country’s Dexter

Registered Name: Lakewood’s Belle

ALCA # -pending

call name: Belle

Color: Cream

Size: Standard

Dam: Sunrise Sparkles of Stardust

Sire: Ausm Shaggy Doodle Doo

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Make me Smile

ALCA # CO42-Pending

call name: Sophie

Color: Red    

Size: Standard

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Remi

Sire: Tampa Bay’s Dreaming of a Jaguar

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Saylor

ALCA # CO42-Pending

call name: Saylor

Color: Cream    

Size:  Medium

Dam: Tampa Bay’s I Love Lucy

Sire:  Prize Labradoodle’s Bentley

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Zoe

ALCA # CO42-Pending

call name: Zoe

Color: Red

Size:  Small Medium

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Hallelujah

Sire:  Gooseberry’s Buffalo Bill

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