Guardian Home Program

Highest Standards Required

Guardian Home availability for Tampa Bay area.

Please contact us for more information...727-641-6059

For a discounted price you can participate in our


and own one of these awesome dogs.

The required price is $1200.for a guardian female.

We will reimburse $400. with each litter for females only. Contract is for up to 3 litters.

For a Guardian male dogs there will be a one time fee of $1000.

Guardian Homes are a unique opportunity for a loving family who lives in and around Tampa Bay that can provide a safe environment & fenced in yard to raise one of our awesome puppies as their own pet/companion/family member. We also require all guardian homes to feed the puppy/dog Life’s Abundance “ALL LIFE STAGES not grain free” Dog food for the life of the dog. We also require our Guardian Homes to use NuVet Plus Vitamin & Mineral supplements to maintain the Health of the dog.

Link to food : “Life’s Abundance Dog Food


Since we do not believe in kenneling dogs and for us to expand our breeding program we have implemented the guardian home program. This ensures that all of our future breeding dogs will be raised as a family member in a loving home environment as our dogs are raised here at home. Your puppy will be “pick of the litter” chosen by us to be a breeding dog and we will retain breeding rights for the life of the Guardian Home Contract...

Our breeding dogs live in our home as family members and would expect the same with a guardian home.

A guardian family must be willing to meet us at predetermined locations to drop off and pick up GH dog if not locally homed and able to loan the dog back to us for health testing, breeding, whelping and raising puppies. After the dog is finished with their breeding career, they will be spayed/neutered at Guardian Home expense and the ownership of the dog transferred to the guardian home family. Any costs relating to health testing and breeding will be the responsibility of the breeder. Normal yearly wellness care is the responsibility of the guardian home.


1. Must live in a reasonable driving distance from our home and can not move away from this local area for the life of the contract.(most Important)

2. Have a fenced in yard.

3. No intact males can reside on the premises or be present during onset of heat cycle.

4. Notify us when the female starts heat cycle. Identifying day 1 of heat cycle is extremely important.

5.Willingness to feed the “Life’s Abundance” (link on front page of website)during life of contract.

6. Willingness to provide NuVet Vitamin & Mineral supplements during life of contract.

7. Provide veterinary care: annual vaccinations,teeth cleaning, flea and tick prevention(NEVER USING TRIFEXIS for fleas and ticks on GH dog.

8. Provide continued basic training & socialization.

9. Willingness to maintain open lines of communication with us on any matters relating to the dog.

10. The primary caregiver cannot work FULL time outside the home causing the dog to left alone for long periods of time.

If this is an interest to you, please contact us for more details.

Call or email us and make an appointment for an interview so that we can get to know you, as you will become an extension of our family too....

We look forward to meeting you.....

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