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Licensed Dog Breeder; Pinellas County, FL.Est... 2004

Dog Paw
Dog Paw


We personally breed the Authentic Australian Labradoodles that are bred for health not show. All pure bred dogs are typically inbred and line bred for show, something that just magnifies poor genetic health issues.  The Australian Labradoodles were the very first DOODLE ever created, which puts them at the top of the hierarchy of all doodles bred today. They were created to be one of the healthiest dog breeds today, that are hypoallergenic/non shedding and dander free. They are also the only Doodle made up of multiple dog breeds and not just two, like all other doodles. Australian Labradoodles are also the only Doodles that have professional Organizations ie WALA & ALAA that oversee breed standards with maximum health testing requirements among other things.  All other doodles being bred today are just people/breeders mixing a poodle and another breed to make doodles. So, be very careful about purchasing any doodle other than the true authentic Australian Labradoodle, the ONLY pure bred Doodle.

Our puppies are 99.9% potty trained when they go home at 8 wks old introduced to crates, walked on a leash and socialized everyday with love personally by us. 

Located in the Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg, & near St. Pete Beach, Florida

Welcome to our D       dle Home

We receive many phone calls, text messages and emails every day, so if we do not respond to you within 24 hrs, please text; email or call again.  We are very busy raising your puppies to be the best puppies ever; please be patient and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Thank you, Mark & Karen 727-641-6059

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10 wk. Oakley puppy available now….

Only 1 female puppy still available from Oakley’s litter of small medium size puppies. 25 to 30 lbs. She is potty trained & sleeping through the night.   Email us or call me at 727-641-6059 


With the purchase of a puppy we are now offering (at the customers request) a Lifetime membership to Baxter and Bella, online puppy school  that provides all aspects of training from puppyhood to service and therapy training.  We want our customers to have all the resources they need to have the best experience with their puppies and their new families. Amy and Scott are the best trainers ever who are willing to talk to you in person anytime  or even FaceTime  if neccesary. They also have hundreds of training videos and podcast waiting to make your puppy dog the best dog it can be. 


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**We offer a $500 discount on a 2nd Puppy to all of our many returning customers...

Thank You all again for your dedication to

Tampa Bay Australian Labradoodles....

We do not have any adult dogs for sale or re-home our Adult retired dogs.


Even if it says our litters are booked, our girls may have more puppies than we expect or someone may move from one litter to another because they are gender and or color-specific, or completely back out. When this happens; we simply go down our reserve list of deposits and see who is interested in that available puppy. In the meantime another one of our breeding girls may come into heat that is the size and color you are looking for and your deposit can be moved into that litter.

Reserve your puppy today from one of our awesome future litters.

Contact us to be placed on our waitlist.

Our litters book up fast, but It’s never too late !

Now accepting applications for future Guardian Home Families...<Click Here>

The Stanford Family

Mark, Karen & Travis

Captain Travis Stanford

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Air Transport International

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Grandpa Stanford

Captain Travis Stanford flying for ATI

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You have to be kidding me!  

Two days at home and Max has not had one potty accident.   I don’t know how you do it but Amazing, He’s such a good boy, with an amazing disposition and personality.  And that’s just the beginning, he’s everything we dreamed. 

We love him so much, thanks again!

Doug, Daphne, and Mary Ann

If you are looking to purchase a puppy from a Breeder, look no further. Our Puppy, Ryder, still thinks of Karen and Mark as Grandma and Grandpa. They are not only outstanding breeders but top quality individuals who genuinely  love each and every puppy they turn out. Their breeding stock is exceptional, the cleanliness of the litter raising area is great and they start the puppies with potty training, crating and leash. 

On the second day home, Ryder was using the bell system almost without fault. Today, after only 10 day with us, we went for a 1 mile walk and he was a trouper. Our Vet not only said he was super healthy, but already smarter than her 6 year old dog. If you are looking, not for a pet but a for a family member, go see Mark and Karen and their operation. We were sold after our first visit. 

Jim, Pamm and Ryder Fuller. 

Princess Della

Karen and Mark do an amazing job in raising their puppies to be the entire package. Our 8 week old puppy just flew cross country to us here in California and wasn’t even phased with his travels. He’s eating well, does great with my 4 children and already took a nap in his crate without a single peep… all this on day 1. You would think he’s been a part of our family his entire life. He’s the most well adjusted puppy Ive ever seen and it’s all because of the live and time that Mark & Karen put into their program to make sure that their dogs have the best start in life. 

Hi Mark & Karen

Today is Rusty’s 6 month birthday and we wanted to share the day with you. He is such a joy in our lives. We are waiting for him to start chewing on things and acting like a two-year old but so far, he’s been the perfect little boy! Rusty has been such a lover, just like you said he would be. He is also so smart and easily trained. We could not have asked for a better puppy suited to our home and lifestyle. Thanks for the wonderful addition to our lives.

We wish you all a very Blessed Christmas and hope that Travis will be able to spend time with you over the holidays, 

With joy, 

Tony, Judy and Rusty

Boomer, Radley, Mindi, Della & Ember...

Mindi, Della, Boomer, Sydney, Ember, Milo, Radley

"In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog."

Group picture of some of our beautiful dogs






Grouip picture of several of our Australian Labradoodles

Front Row: ;Mindi, Ember, Hope, Grace, Gigi

Back Row: Radley, Maya, Boomer

Organizations and Awards

Licensed Pet Breeder/Dealer; Pinellas County, FL.

Established since 2004

Independent Executive field Representative 


Hammock Puppies

Hammock Puppies

Artwork by puppy owner

Doodle Artwork by Puppy Owner:

Julianna- 10 years old

Digital Fine Art Photography by Mark R. Stanford

Photo~Synthesis Fine Art Photography by Mark R. Stanford

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Australian Labradoodle puppies, Labradoodles & Doodle Puppies originally came from Seaspray Australia; where the breed was founded by Beverly Manors of Rutland Manor & her daughter Angela of Tegan Park .

We are located on the West Coast of Florida, near St. Pete Beach and the Tampa Bay area.

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