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Photo~Synthesis Fine Art Photography. by Mark R. Stanford

Mission Statement

We are committed to breeding the finest quality Genuine Australian Labradoodles according  the guidelines established in and through the Australian Labradoodle Club of America, which includes more than just the necessary health testing for all of our breeding dogs. Australian Labradoodles are bred for HEALTH not SHOW! Our dogs are never inbred or line bred..

We are passionate about what we do...

Karen and I are retired Diagnostic Ultrasonographers. I am registered in Cardiac and Karen in Vascular Ultrasound. Karen performs our own pregnancy confirmation ultrasounds and accurately counts the growing embryos to determine the number of puppies our girls are going to whelp. I am able to do the Cardiac Ultrasound for dogs that need cardiac clearance health testing myself. We are very skilled in the medical field and are keen to all of our puppies’ and dogs’ needs.   We are passionate about what we do...

Our home is our dogs’ home and we take Biosecurity very seriously. When we have puppies in our home, we limit outside visitation for the safety of your future puppy. We welcome visitors by appointment only to meet us and our dogs, but strict guidelines must be followed and will be enforced.

Our puppies are whelped and raised by us in our own home as part of our own family. We plan our lives around our puppies and dogs to make sure that each puppy is socialized daily, so that we know each one’s temperament and personally until they leave us at 8 weeks. Our puppies are 99.9% potty trained at 8 weeks old, are introduced to the crate, leash trained and learn to sit before they go home at 8 weeks...

We were one of the first AL breeders to incorporate a Bio Sensor Program for all of our puppies between the ages of 3 to 16 days old An early neurological stimulation program called

“Superdog Program,” We also trained several other AL breeders how to incorporate this program into their breeding program because it is so beneficial to the dogs.

The benefits of the Superdog Program

1. Improves Cardiovascular performance (heart rate),

2. Stronger Heartbeats,

3. Stronger Adrenal glands,

4. More tolerance to stress,

5. Greater resistance to disease.

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We also believe in feeding our dogs All Life’s Stages dry dog food from Life’s Abundance where the bathes of dry food are produced in limited runs on a frequent basis, minimizing periods of storage and helping deliver the freshest possible product to your front door generally within for to six weeks of being made. We also use a top-of-the-line supplement called NuVet Plus. We highly recommend continuing to give your puppy and dog these excellent products for the life of your dog. We love our dogs as if they are family members and not just dogs. Our Australian Labradoodles are non-shedding, non allergen and asthma-friendly multi-generation Australian Labradoodles whose bloodlines originated from the true founders of this breed in Seaspray, Australia at Rutland Manor & Teagan Park; Located in Seaspray, Australia.

We are located in the St. Petersburg ; Tampa Bay & St.Pete Beach areas of Florida.

Karen & Mark

Our son Travis

Sunset at TBAL~USA

Photo~Synthesis Fine Art Photography

by Mark R. Stanford

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