Dark Chocolate

Size: Standard Size

Sire: Southern Cross Artful Dodger aka: Oliver

Dam: Southern Cross Doji Star


Size: Mini

Sire: Tampa Bay’s Major Spark; aka: Sparky

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Princess of the Sea; aka: Chelsea

The mother of

Tampa Bay’s Icing on the Cake; aka: Kaia

Tampa Bay's Sweet Indulgence

aka; Zoey

Daughter of Cali from Tampa Bay & Tampa Bay’s Major Spark

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Dakota Belle

ALCA # C042-01102015-047-LB1

Call name: Dakota

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Milk & Honey

ALCA # C042-10182014-042-LB1

Call name: Cinnamon

TBAL "Retired Dogs"

Lives in Guardian home

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Field of Dreams

ALCA # CO42-07222016-064-LB1

Call name: Dinger

Lives in Guardian home

Chocolate Parti

Size: Small Medium

Sire: Desert Winds Bailey’s Irish Cream; aka: Bailey

Dam: Tampa Bay’s Princess Nala; aka: Nala

Registered Name: Tampa Bays Bella

ALCA # C042-09252015-055-LB1

Call name: Bella

Lives in Guardian home

Lives in Guardian home

Dark Red

Size: Small Standard

Sire: Manor Lake Coho Trout

Dam: Gorgeous Doodles Beauty

Registered Name: Gooseberry's Molly of Tampa Bay

ALCA # 216-04092016-018-LB1

Call name: Molly


Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Icing on the Cake

ALCA # C042-05132015-050-LB1

Call name: Kaia

Registered Name: Tampa Bay’s Alli Gator

ALCA # C042-03082016-062-LB1

Call name: Alli

Lives in Guardian home

Chocolate Parti

Size: medium

Sire: Desert Winds Bailey’s Irish Cream aka: Bailey

Dam: Manor Lake Ghirardella of Tampa Bay

aka: Della

Lucky Country’s Color my World

aka: Mia

ALCA# 168-03262013-LB2

“Therapy Dog”

The mother of

Tampa Bay’s Red Ember (retired)

Tampa Bay’s Gigi (retired)

Tampa Bay’s Desiree (retired)

Landmarks Cookies Cupcake

aka Mindi of Tampa Bay

ALCA# C022-06112005-002-B

Tampa Bay’s Gigi

ALCA# C042-02242007-010-B

The mother of

The mother of

Aladdin’s Darby of Tampa Bay

ALCA# C042-02182006-001-B

Tampa Bay’s Little Touch of Heaven. aka Grace (retired)

Tampa Bay’s Lucky Penny; aka Hope(retired)

Tampa Bay's Lucky Penny "Hope"

ALCA# C042-01062007-003-LB1

The mother of

Tampa Bay’s Major Spark &

Tampa Bay’s Ginger Charm (retired)

The mother of

Tampa Bay’s Pomegranate Passion aka: POM POM, who now resides with Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles.

Tampa Bay's Keara

aka: Sugar

ALCA# C042-05262010-016-LB1

Tampa Bay's Ginger Charm

aka: Ginger

ALCA# C042-06222010-019-LB3

The mother of

Tampa Bay’s Selah &

Tampa Bay’s Good Fortune aka: Ally

Tampa Bay's Red Ember

ALCA# C042-10042007=006-LB1

The mother of

Tampa Bay’s Princess of the Sea aka: Chelsea &

Tampa Bay’s Reba

Tampa Bay's Little Touch of Heaven; aka Grace

ALCA# C042-02032009-015-B

The mother of

Tampa Bay’sPrincess Nala

& Tampa Bay’s LatteMacchiato aka: Hershey